Shieldwerx offers a wide variety of thermal, resonance, and threshold detectors.  We are the world's major supplier of neutron activation foils and flux wires.  For over 50 years we have supplied thousands of customers with these materials.  Neutron activation foils have broad applications both in basic and applied research.  They are used in such widely diverse fields as physics, radiochemistry, and medicine.  These fields use Shieldwerx Activation Foils, Flux Wires, Fission Foils and Metal Sheets.  Some examples of foil and wire uses are given below.

Flux Level Monitors- Research Reactors, Fusion Reactors, Neutron Generators, Medical Linacs, Pulsed Neutron Sources, Isotopic Neutron Sources.

Spectral Measurements- Power Reactors, Cyclotrons, Medical Accelerators, Test Reactors, Cosmic Rays, Critical Assemblies

Dosimetry- Radiation Damage, Area Monitors for Accelerators and Reactors

Targets- Particle Accelerators, Research Reactors, X-Ray Generation, Radioisotope Production, Personal Criticality Dosimeters

Neutron Radiography- Neutron Converter Screens, Fast Flux Measurements, Cadmium Ratios

Windows- Vacuum Windows, X-Ray Windows

Shieldwerx Foils are highly reliable detectors fabricate of the highest purity materials under strict quality control.  Each box contains 10 close-tolerance foils, which are cleaned, coded, and accurately weighed to within 0.0001g.  A material Data Sheet giving a spectrographic analysis and coded weights for all foils is included with each box.  An Activation Foil Manual is available upon request with each foil order.  Deliveries of foils are generally from stock.  Refer to chart as a guide to selecting the correct foil for a given energy.

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Silver foils, coded A-J

In many cases, where it is desirable to measure neutron spectra, it may be difficult to decide which Shieldwerx Activation Foil to use.  To assist in this, we are offering Combination Foil Kits, which contain Activation Foils carefully selected to provide coverage of different neutron energy ranges.  These kits include Fast Neutron Foils, Thermal/Resonance Foils, and Broad Spectrum Foils.  These combination kits are selected assortments of Shieldwerx Activation Foils.  Each foil is weighed to +0.0001g.  All foils are 0.5" (12.7mm) diameter.  Kits include a spectrographic analysis of each material and an Activation Foil Manual.  In addition to the listed foils, each Combination Kit contains 10 Cadmium Cover Sets for eliminating thermal neutrons.

SWX-1551     Fast Neutron Foils         0.6 MeV - 13.5 MeV

                                                                                       2 of each: Al, Cu, Fe, In, Mg, NaCl. Ni, S, Ti, V, Zn, Zr

SWX-1552     Thermal Neutron Foils   0.025 eV - 5000 eV

                                                                                        2 of each: Au, Co, Cu, Fe, In, 5.2% Lu-Al, 81.3% Mn-Cu, Mo, NaCl, Sc, W

SWX-1553     Broad Spectrum Foils   0.025 eV - 13.5 MeV

                                                                                        4 of each: Al, Au, Cu, Fe, In, Mg, Ni, Sc, Ti, V, Zr

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SWX-600 series     Flux Wires

Shieldwerx Flux Wires offer ideal technique for obtaining spectral or flux-mapping data in research or power reactors.  Small diameter, high purity wires can be inserted directly into the limited space in the core of reactor to obtain this valuable information.

Shieldwerx offers a broad selection of high purity Flux Wires.  Variations in diameter are held to less than one-half of one percent.  A spectrographic analysis of impurities is furnished with each wire.  Shieldwerx also offers Cadmium Tubing for shielding the wires in order to measure epithermal neutron fluxes.  Flux Wires are available in standard packages of 25, 50 and 100 feet (7.5, 15 and 30 meters).  Larger quantities are available upon request.  Refer to chart for complete list of materials available and as a selection guide.

SWX-1650    Combination Wires Kit

Shieldwerx also offers a Flux Wire Evaluation Kit for testing the application of a wide variety of Flux Wires.  It includes five feet (1.52m) each of 14 different high purity Flux Wires as well as 5 pieces of 12-inch Cadmium Tubing.

SWX-1650    Combination Wires Kit     Ag, Al, 0.12% Au-Al, Co, Cu, 4.98% Dy-Al, Fe, In, 80% Mn-Cu, Mo, Nb, Ni, Ta, Ti and Cd tubing.

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