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Specializing in the design and manufacturing of neutron shielding materials.



Shieldwerx specializes in the design and manufacturing of neutron shielding materials. These materials range from the familiar 5% borated polyethylene and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) to unique high temperature and specialty shielding.

Our SWX-237 Boron-Silicone and its variants are found at application sites ranging from DOE facilities to nuclear power plants; as are our field-castable offerings such as SWX-259 PolyKast and SWX-277 High Temperature Kretekast.

We produce rigid and flexible materials containing high boron content as well as lithium-loaded versions for specialty applications.  Shieldwerx is committed to producing excellent products and providing quality customer service that exceeds its customers’ expectations.

Shieldwerx™ is a division of Bladewerx LLC

Bladewerx provides instrumentation products to the radiation protection and measurement industry. Specializing in portable alpha-in-air instrumentation and client software applications, the company has a reputation of providing cutting edge technology in both algorithm development and attractive but practical software user-interface design.

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