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Poly-based Shielding

5% Borated Polyethylene

Sizing: 1” to 6” thick, up to 48" x 48", plus rods up to 9" diameter

A polyethylene composite of 5% boron is widely used in neutron shielding applications because of its excellent nuclear and physical characteristics. Type 201 is lightweight and easily moved for temporary shielding.  It is especially useful in shielding against low and intermediate neutron energies - recommended limit is 180° F (82° C). Type 201 shows excellent attenuation of thermal neutrons and significant reduction of capture-gamma dose.  Fast neutrons are moderated by the high concentration of hydrogen atoms (96% that of water).

Another important advantage of type 201 is its low cost.  Type 201 is available in a variety of shapes, including sheets, bricks, and rods.  It is easily shaped and cut using ordinary woodworking tools. For special applications, it may be desirable to use boron loadings other than 5%. Shieldwerx can custom manufacture boron-polyethylene with other boron levels.  Please contact one of our shielding experts for further information on these special order materials.

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