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Custom Products

Unique problems often require unique solutions.  While most of our shielding products can be cut to size, or shaped using conventional woodworking tools, some solutions require special molds or material shapes not easily made from sheets or rods.  Our CAD designers and machine shop techs can produce custom molds that allow material casting to customer specifications, or allow milling or turning of most of our polyethylene-based neutron/gamma shielding materials.

Often times a facility imposes fire restrictions in certain areas, which can make it difficult to find the materials necessary to perform the shielding required.  Shieldwerx offers a variety of products that are fire-rated for such circumstances.

Fire-Safety "Floor Tiles" 
SWX-237 enclosed in Aluminum shells

To shield an entire floor, normally you would use standard Poly-based sheets.  However, when fire safety is of the utmost concern, our custom designed "Floor Tiles" are recommended.  Each tile is a completely sealed Aluminum shell filled with our castable shielding material SWX-237.  The tiles are normally 12" x 12" x 3" in size, but any thickness from 1" to 4" could be accommodated.  When installed, the flooring system offers almost complete shielding coverage, with a maximum allowable gap between tiles of only 1/10-inch.

The SWX-237 shielding material, 1% Boron-Silicon, is a fire-resistant, heat-resistant, cast elastomer with a high hydrogen content (67% that of water). It will withstand temperatures up to 400°F (205°C) for extended periods while retaining 97% of its hydrogen.  Boron-Silicon contains 1% boron for thermal neutron capture and the suppression of capture-gammas.  Its density is 1.59 g/cc (99 lbs./cu ft), so each tile weighs approximately 25 pounds.

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